Why BEAST training is necessary

In the next few years, the future of your son’s baseball career is dependent on how serious and determined he is willing to get to achieve his goals of playing high level baseball.

Once a player reaches high school, you see the level of personal attention decrease. Coaches simply don’t have enough time to devote to develop an entire program of players. The cream of the crop are those who discipline themselves to developing their game outside of their high school activities.

During the high school season, players will have 5 practices per week, with games 2x per week once they start. Practices usually run till about 5pm. Players have from 6 till bedtime to finish homework and eat dinner. Somewhere within that time, high level players get their skill and strength work in.

A student-athlete’s lifestyle is no joke. It’s one of the most rigorous endeavors to be successful at in high school and college. The goal of high level athlete’s is to be well prepared and stronger than his opponent on the field.

Players who train at least 2x per week for two hours, one hour of hitting and bullpen work, and one hour of strength and agility training will increase their strength, conditioning and skill levels.

This means by the end of the season, when everyone who does not train is falling off from exhaustion, the well-trained athlete is still going strong.