Brandon Nguyen

I have been a customer of Lifeletics since my now 9 year old son started playing Little League baseball 3 years ago. We’ve been satisfied with the services they have provided these past years through private lessons, clinics, camps, or just the use of their facility. The coaches and staff have been great but there seemed to be ┬ásomething missing. I received a welcome letter late last year notifying us with regard to change of ownership and new training packages for the upcoming 2015 year which offered lessons but also a different approach to baseball training which included strength and agility (BEAST program) workouts for baseball related activity. My son is not tall or big by any means and so my interest peaked upon seeing that core and agility training was part of their offering. After speaking to the manager about the new programs, I decided to sign my son up for BEAST and private hitting lessons. Nearly 4 months have past and I have been amazed at the incredible mental and physical transformation that my son has undergone. The BEAST program has been excellent in building his core strength as well as speed and agility quickness for baseball movements. My son loves the program and refuses to miss a workout (even on game days!). This is the same kid that I couldn’t even coax him to do a few pushups or any kind of training every once in awhile. In the meantime because of BEAST and high intensity hitting lessons with Coach Ruben (the new owner), my son has gained extreme confidence at the plate on the baseball field this season. My son has gone from ‘I think I can’ to ‘I believe I will’. I can’t thank Ruben, Chris (trainer), and the rest of the staff enough for the help they have given to us. I have also noticed that the atmosphere has changed in that the facility seems a lot livelier these days. All of the coaches there are really top notch and really care about helping the kids become better. I plan on making this a continuous activity year round for my son as long as he plays baseball. The BEAST program is important if you want your kid to take the next level to gain strength both mentally and physically. I would strongly recommend for any parent to sign their son/daughter for any of the packages that Lifeletics has to offer.