Pitching Tips #1

Striking out hitters is not about throwing it past a hitter, it’s about throwing it past a hitter at the right time.

Think about what a batter expects and what you don’t think he can hit by the looks of his stance, approach and swings he takes in BP, on-deck circle and at the plate.

Certain counts dictate the higher percentage of pitch expected in that situation. 3 and 1 counts, for example odds are you’ll get a fastball.

By learning to throw off-speed in fastball counts and fastballs in off-speed counts, you will get hitters off balance a lot more.

Command the fastball on the outer edge of the plate. Learn to love this spot, and learn how to hit a low strike, or if you’re an over the top pitcher, how to drive that ball downwards towards that spot.

The more you hit that spot per game, the more you will dominate.

Develop a hard strikeout pitch. Curveballs are good pitches if you throw them with fast armspeed. Get me over curveballs don’t freeze hitters as much as you think they would.
A hard slider is a great strikeout pitch. This pitch hurts pitchers arms the most, so take care when throwing it. A slider with the same downwards run as your fastball is deadly if you can control the wiggle at the end.

Use changeups, cutters and sinkers to mess with a hitters timing and ability to center the ball on the barrell. Perfect for getting those ground ball outs.