Newsletter, May 27th

Well, our Little League regular season and playoffs are over and our team in Huntington Valley Little League with the best record in the regular season won the playoff championship yesterday to take the 1st seed for HVLL in the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

It was a great experience for me to be on the field with the very boys I coach on a consistent basis.  Too often do I not get to see my lessons play in games because of my training schedule.  As a coach that works with his players to make them better, it is very important for me to see them in games and how to react or approach different situations and pitches.  That way I can make in-game suggestions or adjustments to my pitchers and hitters.  Most times, it’s not detailed instruction more than it is a little pep-talk to get some mojo going for the player.  It is also fun to watch players that I give lessons to, but aren’t on my team compete against us.  Last night one of my pitchers threw against us and did very well.  Made me smile and wonder why the coach didn’t use him more!

I am excited to see more of my players that I teach in the upcoming TOC tournament.  At Lifeletics, we’re all one big family dedicated to getting better on the field.  With our upcoming summer program including baseball camp, arm strength program and B.E.A.S.T. strength, speed and agility program we have much to offer our players, so come sign up and get your work in.  You never know how good you can become until you put your mind, body and soul into your practice.