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The Schedule of a Successful Athlete

The schedule of a successful athlete is based on routine and discipline.  Once the body is prepared for each day with a plan of attack, a day can be easier to manage and accomplish everything that needs to be done. Nutrition must also be planned to fuel and refuel the body’s caloric intake for the…

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Life Lesson #1 – Passion for the game

Baseball is one of the most pure forms of sport played today. Search “baseball tips” in your search bar and you’ll find thousands of pages touting tips from all sorts of different coaches, volunteers, fans etc. I can tell you that there is no “tried and true” method of training, no “silver bullet” that will…

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Players are made on their own!

Pitching and Hitting baseballs are complex motor skills that some players develop naturally and most players develop over time. Obviously the more you train, the better you get. What’s most often missed in team settings is the discipline needed to keep a player on point in treating each individual swing or pitch as a focused,…

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Pitching Tips #1

Striking out hitters is not about throwing it past a hitter, it’s about throwing it past a hitter at the right time. Think about what a batter expects and what you don’t think he can hit by the looks of his stance, approach and swings he takes in BP, on-deck circle and at the plate….

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Why BEAST training is necessary

In the next few years, the future of your son’s baseball career is dependent on how serious and determined he is willing to get to achieve his goals of playing high level baseball. Once a player reaches high school, you see the level of personal attention decrease. Coaches simply don’t have enough time to devote…

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The Art of Being a Teammate

If my opponents are: Weaker than me – I look to play smart but very aggressively. Find the easy chinks in their armor and take advantage of them. Chinks in the armor will be easy to see. Don’t run yourself into stupid outs because eventually you should overpower an overmatched team. At my ability level…

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