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Failure is not an option…

I’d be doing my athletes a disservice if I let up on who I am as a coach and teacher. I am in a state of constantly teaching the game. I don’t give my players chances to foul up if I can keep their minds on the next steps ahead during a game. They will…

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Pitching by Sandy Koufax

Here’s an excerpt from a great article I read about Hall of Famer, Sandy Koufax. “During spring training in 1961, Norm Sherry, sitting with Koufax on a bus filled with reserves heading out of Vero Beach to an exhibition game, had suggested to Koufax that he ease up a bit — the harder he threw,…

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Building a winning team….

Sometimes it’s hard to “trust the process” as they say. Most players and parents are okay with the standard two practices per week and games on the weekend. It is just not enough for those that want to play this game at a high level, unless already predispositioned with a large amount of athletic ability….

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Rest to Recharge!

In this constantly evolving world of baseball and specific baseball training for youth athletes, sometimes we get carried away with the amount or quality of training that we provide while forgetting that it takes time off in order for the body to rebuild.  While the brain and body learns and grows from consistent stimulation, it is…

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How To Run A Competitive Baseball Practice

Bunting at a competitive baseball practice.

Training baseball teams means placing and training players in positions to perform and succeed on the field.  Coaches that focus solely on fundamentals at baseball practice make the biggest mistake when training their teams therefore not enough emphasis is placed on actual gameplay and performance training.   Watch Lifeletics Baseball owner Ruben Corral give his insight…

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Real Vs. Feel

WHAT IS REAL MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU FEEL Real vs. Feel is one of the biggest issues with video analysis these days in that video shows what’s really happening.  Coaches then adapt their player’s swings to try and match that of their visual analysis.  The problem is, what the hitter FEELS vs. what actually has…

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What is little league elbow?

Little league elbow is a pretty common occurrence that hopefully most throwers can avoid.  I see these injuries typically in either overpitched athletes, or in larger, stronger athletes that are still chronologically young, though biologically they are overdeveloped.  Stronger pitchers tend to be overused by coaches, bringing about what doctors now refer to as “Little…

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