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How To Run A Competitive Baseball Practice

Bunting at a competitive baseball practice.

Training baseball teams means placing and training players in positions to perform and succeed on the field.  Coaches that focus solely on fundamentals at baseball practice make the biggest mistake when training their teams therefore not enough emphasis is placed on actual gameplay and performance training.   Watch Lifeletics Baseball owner Ruben Corral give his insight…

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Real Vs. Feel

WHAT IS REAL MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU FEEL Real vs. Feel is one of the biggest issues with video analysis these days in that video shows what’s really happening.  Coaches then adapt their player’s swings to try and match that of their visual analysis.  The problem is, what the hitter FEELS vs. what actually has…

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What is little league elbow?

Little league elbow is a pretty common occurrence that hopefully most throwers can avoid.  I see these injuries typically in either overpitched athletes, or in larger, stronger athletes that are still chronologically young, though biologically they are overdeveloped.  Stronger pitchers tend to be overused by coaches, bringing about what doctors now refer to as “Little…

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Pitching With Guts!

Pitching to me is an art form, a way of life.  It takes a special person to want total control of the game, the spotlight and the responsibility that the pitcher undertakes each and every pitch.  It takes GUTS.  And guts is sometimes all you will need (or have)to get you through a tough inning,…

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So what if i want to get serious about baseball?

Getting serious about competing in baseball doesn’t mean giving up other sports. In fact, athletes with a multi-sport or other activity background are more well rounded when it comes to pure athleticism. But getting serious about baseball means keeping up your skill training year round. Most athletes and major league players nowadays are highly competitive…

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Getting Pitchers Ready For Games

Pitchers that come in games in mid-game or mid-inning are usually brought into pressure situations in need of a hold or with the game on the line.  In order to make sure that they get the proper warm-up and bloodflow to their pitching arm and rhythm and feel to throw strikes, here are some tips…

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Parents and Coaches, listen to your pitchers!

Be wary of arm pain. In this age of year round baseball, its important to understand where your young pitcher is in his growth cycle. There are two types of injuries, structural and muscular. Structural injuries are the worst and they include: growth plate separation injuries in shoulder and elbow and ulnar collateral ligament tears…

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Pitching Injuries – Blog

Why are pitching injuries on the rise? Some of my thoughts… If every pitcher has their own “pitching” coach, why then are pitching injuries on the rise in youth, high school, college and professional baseball? If every league adheres to pitch counts to protect their pitchers, why are pitchers getting injured more frequently? A pitcher…

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Nothing Is Handed To A Champion

There comes a point in every season that a team is tested. And it is at 50% 50% odds of whether a team will stand up to that challenge or not. I have played for teams that have failed and teams that have succeeded. I have won and lost championships and have been a part…

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