The Art of Being a Teammate

If my opponents are:

Weaker than me – I look to play smart but very aggressively. Find the easy chinks in their armor and take advantage of them. Chinks in the armor will be easy to see. Don’t run yourself into stupid outs because eventually you should overpower an overmatched team.

At my ability level – Play smart and aggressively. Be quick to look for any chinks in their armor, watch to see how you can take advantage of any awareness flaws by the team or coach. Exploit their flaws as often as possible to swing the balance of the game in your direction. The more disciplined team wins.

Above my ability level – Keep awareness level on high. These teams will be super aggressive and may run themselves into aggressive mistakes. Play consistent and precise. Dominating pitchers may only give you one good pitch in an at-bat, don’t miss it. Try to spot each player’s weak spot ASAP to use against them. Often times overconfidence can be a great weakness.

If my teammates are:

At my ability level – I keep my teammates focused and in the game. Try to use each other’s advantages to the team’s benefit. Each player is in charge of bringing their best to each game.

Above my level – Always stay aware of the game, that’s how you will learn. Above your level players play aggressive because they have great confidence about themselves. Watch what they do right and what they do wrong. Watching the game and great players will help gain precious visual experience. Learn to play as aggressive and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Weaker than me – Take a leadership role. If you are one of the impact players, then these players look up to you by example. Set a good one. The team won’t be as good until the weaker players begin to learn and step up. The best players are leaders and can help bring a team’s learning curve up.