Fall Training Program for Mind and Body

Lifeletics Elite offers athletes the chance to blow through performance barriers. Whether it’s a fear of diving, slow feet or a lack of confidence, Lifeletics Elite challenges athletes to push through performance barriers. Current and former professionals work alongside athletes to train the necessary skills for next-level success – making the high school team, extending a career into college, or advancing into the professional ranks. Lifeletics Elite presents a unique opportunity to train the mental game of baseball – you NEED to be training the mind, are you?!

  • Physical Sessions (8) – Circuit-style rip-roaring workouts combining baseball skills with speed, strength and agility. Athletes work through a 30-minute dynamic and skill-based warm up, followed by 35-minute defensive rotation and a 35-minute offensive rotation. Workouts finish with cardio blast, core work and sprint sessions. Very, very challenging with phyiscal sessions jumping from skill to body: Baseball-hands to speed drill. Baseball-feet to agility drill. Baseball-glove to strength drill. Like no baseball workout you’ve ever seen, these athletes get after it!
  • Classroom Sessions (4) – Baseball mental training discussions on topics such as Goal Setting, Accomplishment & Accountability, Self-Confidence and Concentration. Designed to push athletes to train mental toughness and arm them with tools to handle adversity. Mental toughness and confidence are the intangible traits scouts look for and refer to as “make up.” If the game is 90% mental, how often are YOU training your mental game?!?!?

“As a father, coach, friend and believer in the coaching philosophy of Lifeletics and the Elite training, I thought Id share this success story with you and say thank you.  In addition to this success Tris has just finished playing in his second weekend of high school tournaments with JV & varsity players at Orange Lutheran and has been totally shining. I see an incredible confidence in him even when he is facing 18 and 19 yr college bound pitchers and continues to square up hits consistently in his at bats.  Thank you again for all you do to help provide quality mental and physical training to the local youths in our community.” – Greg H,  Baseball Parent     MORE  TESTIMONIALS…


2013 Details:
Includes skill-development warm up plus dynamic flexibility (balance, coordination, dexterity)

Dates: Thursdays, 9/19 – 12/19

Workout Crews:

5th-8th Grade – 4:30 – 6:20pm

High School – 6:30-8:20pm

Cost: $499  (flexible payment plan available)

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Important Note: Athletes divided into small groups by grade level for 2-hour workouts. These workouts are intense and challenging, athletes should be prepared.

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