So what if i want to get serious about baseball?

Getting serious about competing in baseball doesn’t mean giving up other sports. In fact, athletes with a multi-sport or other activity background are more well rounded when it comes to pure athleticism.

But getting serious about baseball means keeping up your skill training year round. Most athletes and major league players nowadays are highly competitive and highly trained players from young ages. Their baseball IQ and reactive and strategic abilities are more refined at earlier ages.

Getting serious for baseball means that you’d like to dedicate time to your sport to see how far or how good you can get.

Joining an established travel team or academy will bring the best benefit. Travel teams operate year round spring, summer, fall and winter. Your game will improve from the consistency of great practices and games. Academies usually offer physical strength training in addition to baseball, making their players stronger in all aspects. Academies and organizations such as Pony or Little League may offer summer leagues. I always steer clear of more games to make more time for rest and development.

Learning to be an athlete as a whole is a great goal to dedicate yourself towards. With the pressures of school out the door, a player can spend time with their trainers, learning how to eat right, set performance goals for strength and speed and create goals for the upcoming school year and season.

Players who play multiple sports should always consider keeping their skills and learning up through weekly lessons. A weekly appointment can keep their development and passion for the game. I played football, basketball and baseball growing up, but I “played” or “practiced” baseball year round in many forms. Usually just playing with friends and neighbors.

With summer coming, there are opportunities to get more games in, but please understand there should be time to takes breaks from competition. Players that constantly have to be “up” for competition will suffer drawbacks in mental toughness towards competition. Creating great training programs which foster competitiveness in training is what off-season time off should be focused towards.