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Building the complete player takes desire, dedication and discipline.  At Lifeletics, we create our clubhouse culture for the player who wants to perform on the field.  We use performance data and analytics to train our pitchers and hitters in both skill and power.  Players in our training program are evaluated monthly and programs are tailored to meet their individual growth.  Trainers share video with players and parents to give constant visual feedback of their training.  This program is not for everyone.  Please see the front desk or call 714-843-1989 for info on how you can take advantage of our high performance training sessions.


Private Lessons

Private lessons run 30 to 60 minutes and work any skill necessary.  Players are given an initial evaluation and we target some goals for the players.  Instructors use video analysis throughout lessons to give visual feedback to our players for faster and more engaging progress.


B.E.A.S.T. Advanced Training

Advanced group trainees combine our B.E.A.S.T. strength and agility program with performance skills training.  This program is for serious athletes only as most of our trainees come in 3-4 times a week for 1-2 hours a day not including team practices and throwing or swinging on their own.
  • Includes Daily Access to cages, workouts and trainers
  • Monthly evaluations using data and video analysis software
  • Custom hitting, pitching and strength program
  • Recovery and Nutrition guidance

Sunday Skills Clinics

Group classes teach Hitting, Fielding, Pitching and catching sessions with the speed and strength needed for competitive games.  Instructors walk players through competitive situations and teach the skills required to succeed at any situation in the game.   Sessions runs 60-75 min with players getting on average 150-200 reps per session! Max 8 players per session.

Pitching - 9am

Hitting - 11:30am

Fielding - 1:00pm