HitTrax Baseball

The HitTrax training simulator is the best visual learning aid that I have ever used.  The HitTrax videos a player's swing and shows his results immediately against a major league baseball field.  Through process and results, we can build a player's swing, experiment with new movements and train with realistic situations.

The data collected by the HitTrax system is instrumental in isolating areas of our athlete's swings that need improvement. With this information, we can implement new drills and strength training that will impart change in our athletes.
HitTrax provides quantifiable measurables that take the subjectiveness out of batting practice and puts the accountability of proper training back onto the athlete.


Sign up for a Hit Trax membership and learn on the go.  Members come in on Saturdays and Sundays to take swings on the Hit Trax, record their swings, then Coach Corral will analyze the member's swing, track progress and recommend drills to do at home.  

Hit Trax Members will receive:

  • Access to our online library of drills and instruction.
  • Exclusive access to the Lifeletics Facility during off hours Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Hit as much as you want, come as often as you can.
  • Work around your schedule.
  • Quality instruction to help athletes at home.

Call 909-973-4220 to learn more and become a member.

  • New members must go through an on-ramp course on the Hit Trax to learn the system before using.