Getting Pitchers Ready For Games

Pitchers that come in games in mid-game or mid-inning are usually brought into pressure situations in need of a hold or with the game on the line.  In order to make sure that they get the proper warm-up and bloodflow to their pitching arm and rhythm and feel to throw strikes, here are some tips to help coaches make good decisions.

  1.  Don’t bring pitchers into games without proper warm up first.
    1. Long periods of time between warm-ups are worse than throwing more pitches in game.
    2. Try to warm pitchers up as close to game entry as possible.  Not before the game for entry in the 5th inning.
    3. Do not compromise a pitcher’s health for wins!
  2. Learn to utilize your offensive innnings
    1. While your team is hitting, use this time to warmup your next pitcher.
    2. Is he coming up that inning?  Learn to use subs to trade at-bats for warm up time. (travel ball)
    3. DO NOT compromise their heath for wins.
  3. Develop more pitchers
    1. Developing more pitchers gives you more flexibility.
    2. More fresh arms available to be more effective in games and tournaments, doubleheaders, etc.
    3. The more pitchers, the more participation and enjoyment from your players.

Good luck!!