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Cage Rentals

The Lifeletics’ Indoor Training Facility features 11 netted tunnels for batting and pitching practices.  To schedule in a time slot for any selected cage(s) or to find out what machine will work best for your needs, call or talk to one of our front desk representatives today!

    • 3 Automatic Iron Mike cages with variations of speeds from 40-mph up to 75-mph
    • 3 Mini-Jugs machines, self-fed for baseball/softball
    • 1 Bata-2 Curveball machine (throws FB and CBs)
    • 1 2 wheel ATEC machine (throws FB and CBs)
    • 1 Power Hummer (throws pop flys, FBs)
    • 2 soft toss areas;
    • 6-pitching mounds for bullpen practice.
Cage Pricing
2-cages (mach,live)
2-cages plus BEAST
3-cages (mach,live,soft)
3-cages plus BEAST
Live Arm/Hr
Soft Toss/Hr
Cage Membership
Cage Membership
Cage Membership



hit-traxRent the Hit Trax on weekends and train with a purpose. Our staff will track your team’s hitting performance and play some competitive games in a 60 min session. Includes 1 cage and 1 additional tunnel.
1/hr $120.00; 2/hrs $200.00

iron_mikeMACHINE CAGE RENTAL (Iron Mike, Jugs, Bata, ATEC)

Rent a machine with any one of our tunnels for consistent throws and stay away from those sore arms. Perfect for little league teams or teams that want extra velo in their workout. Machines can be used for catchers training, fielding training and of course, hitting training.
55/min $40; 30/min $25 *peak hours ($10 more)

live_armLIVE TUNNEL RENTAL (No machine use)

Our full tunnels are great for live batting practice and throwing bullpens with pitchers. We have pitching targets set up in all of our live cages, and L screens for coaches.
55/min $30; 30/min $20  *peak hours ($10 more)

soft_toss_cageSOFT TOSS STATIONS

Our short, soft-toss stations are great for getting hitting drills in. All cages come with a tee to help with different drills.
55/min $25; 30/min $15  *peak hours ($10 more)


We are offering a team 60 minute BEAST session with your team membership signup until the end of the year.  Sign your team up by February 1st to receive:

  • 1 2 or 3-cage membership (guaranteed weekly time slot)
  • 1 60-min BEAST session per week
  • Just $25-$40 per player