About Us

Lifeletics trainers are some of the most experienced coaches you’ll find anywhere.  They have been synonymous with youth baseball development in Orange County for over 2 decades. Most importantly we have upped the game to include strength, speed and agility training customized for our athletes. From fundamental development to younger athletes to heavy power training for high school and college athletes, Lifeletics builds the very best baseball players in the area.

View our team of experienced professional coaches.

Charlie Phillips
Senior Pitching/Hitting Instructor
Eric Dixon
Director of Speed and Strength
Ruben Corral
Director of Baseball

Our 4500 sqft baseball facility in Huntington Beach, CA specializes in baseball strength, speed and agility training. At Lifeletics, we are all dedicated to helping our players grow day by day and learn to out-train their competition on the field and become the best student-athlete they can off the field.

Here with us, you are surrounded by champion professional athletes who are committed to seeing you become a winner on the field and sharing their passion and drive to succeed.  Our training programs create a culture of hard work, disciplined practice and learning how to keep the game fun.  Our trainers use state of the art tech to provide data feedback to our players, which has proven invaluable to their development.

In taking the next step forward, we’d like to invite you in for a workout and meeting with one of our coaches and show you how we build strong players and stronger men.  Are you up for the challenge?  We look forward to finding out.


Coach Ruben Corral, Owner