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The Skill Of Pitching

Turn on any MLB game, and you will see pitchers throwing in the 97-100 mph range.   What is upsetting sometimes, is that for all their high speed throwing, balance and consistency in their mechanics is lacking because of the maximum effort pitchers use to achieve these velocities. Velocity seems to be the buzzword of the…

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How to Improve Your Baseball Game This Summer!

OK NOW YOU’RE OUT OF SCHOOL, TIME FOR BASEBALL CAMP! Parents, use this summer to get your kids out of the house, away from homework and video games and get your players on the field, improving their skills, speed and awareness! Baseball camp is also a great supplement for those that are playing in summer…

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Don’t miss out this summer! Get in here!

JUNE 2017 NEWSLETTER AND UPCOMING SCHEDULE The 2017 Major League Baseball draft begins today.  For Huntington Beach High School players Hagen Danner and Nick Pratto, I will be looking forward to seeing their names at the top of the list this afternoon.  I’m sure their days will be steaming with excitement!   The Major League…

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