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OC Xtreme 12u Gold dominates Cooperstown!

Wyatt Thomas leads HR hitters with 11, Tony Martinez wins HR Derby and OCX goes 10-0. This is what training does.

Introducing the MOTUS SLEEVE

Lifeletics is partnering up with Motus Global, bringing the best in arm strength and safety technology to our pitchers.

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Develop and measure your performance!

Our instructors help you find your true swing and power. Hit balls harder, farther and more consistently.

The Return of the B.E.A.S.T.

Beginning in June, our strength and speed program for all aged athletes comes to Lifeletics. Increase your strength and dominate the game!

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Final week of Lifeletics Summer Camp!

Learn baseball playing the game! Professional and quality instruction in both skills and strength training for all ages.

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